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Under Age 65 Individual Health

Confused about what type of plan is best for you?  Don’t just guess—we’ll help you make the right selection. We have a full line of health products for ages 0  through 64 which include both Permanent and Short Term Temporary Plans.  Southwest Florida Insurance offers an array of Florida Blue products. We also offer plans through other insurance carriers in situations where coverage with Florida Blue may not be an option. Choose from a variety of plans designed to fit your life, your lifestyle and your healthcare needs.  We have predictable cost plans, plans with tax incentives, and lower-cost plans available. 

Many plans are based on use of a specific network of providers. You have access to strong, innovative physician and hospital networks and comprehensive support services, including personalized care programs and tools important for making informed healthcare decisions. 

Value Plans with No Medical Questions Asked

Use the power of the largest statewide provider network.

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We also have Cancer Plans, Accident Plans, Dental Plans, and Discount Plans allowing you to make sure no part of your life is left unprotected. Insurance coverage you need at prices you can afford..